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last update : 14.07.2009

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129932 PC-Board for SC (Mother board)

Hintergrundbel SC320

129992 Backlight for Scancommander Display

Inverter blau

129756 Inverter PCB for Backlight Scancommander S/N >10,000


129930 Powersupply for Scancommander 50W 4A

Display SC_320

129931 Display for Scancommander

Additional Parts :
- 129928 Update for Scancommander   EPROM Type 27C2048 (AMD or ATMEL)
- 129941 Update for Scacommander Extension  EPROM Type 27C2048 (AMD or ATMEL)
- 129742 Frontpanel for Scancommander >S/N10,000
- 129743 Frontpanel for Scancommander up to S/N9,999
- 129989 Face panel PCB for Scancommander >10,000  (the old PCB (up to S/N9,999) is no longer available )
- 129968 Slot for Memory Card
- 129739 Socket for Memory Card
- 129901 Battery for Memory Card, BR2325